Porcini Salt

Tasty, Nordic porcini mushrooms and herbs combined with the purest and highest quality Nordic sea salt flakes. It’s perfect for seasoning with a luxurious twist. Try sprinkling on top of fish, pasta, vegetables or omelettes.


Nettle, Porcini Mushroom, Salt, Thyme



Package contents

50 g


190,00  /kg

Mettä’s Nordic Porcini Salt invites you to taste the crisp autumn flavours from the pure Nordic forests. Autumn in the Nordic forest is a time of exciting adventure, when mushroom hunters go wild looking for the natural gold pushing its way through our soil. Porcinis are considered the gold of mushroom hunters, a true delicacy.

Nordic Porcini Salt brings an exciting tone and new level of luxury to any meal. Growing wild in the Nordic forests, Mettä’s porcinis are delicate, yet abundant in flavours, minerals, vitamins and nutrients. The salt Mettä uses is the purest, highest quality Norwegian sea salt that creates a harmonious balance with Mettä’s Nordic porcinis.

Mettä’s partner company, a family company in Norway, North Sea Salt Works produces the highest quality, delicious and sustainably produced Nordic flake salt. They use only 100% renewable energy in their salt production and are also working in every manner to produce organic salt, should it become certifiable in the EU. The salt is unpurified, meaning that it contains all its natural minerals, not just natrium.

Try sprinkling on top of omelettes or pasta, seasoning fish or vegetables or mixing with butter for a delicious Nordic twist. Use to season chips, for example homemade Nettle Chips.

Ingredients: Nordic flake sea salt (86%), porcini mushroom (Boletus edulis) (7%), thyme, nettle. May contain small parts of plant’s stem.

Country of origin: Finland (mushrooms and herbs), Norway (sea salt).

Recycling: Mettä uses packages that are as environmentally friendly as possible. At the moment, Mettä’s pouches are either 100% compostable or biodegradable. Check the recycling info from the pouch.