White Label Service

Custom herb blends

We help you develop a one of a kind, custom herb blend.

Blending & processing

We turn your herbs into herbal products, ready for your customers.

Packing & labeling

We pack your herbs into your own packaging ready for your customers.


We keep your products in the perfect condition until you need them.


We send your products directly to your customer, anywhere in the world.

We take care of your herbs.

Manufacturing herbal products can be a long, complicated and expensive process for any company. Our White Label Service takes care of your product manufacturing so that you can focus on your brand and business.

  1. Save time and money by manufacturing all of your products under one roof
  2. Simplify your supply chain management for increased efficiency
  3. Small to large scale manufacturing to meet your needs as your business grows

We work with you from product development with samples and small batch runs, all the way up to product maturity with industrial scale production for the mass market.